"Lucifer" Star Tom Ellis Teases Trip to Hell in Season Finale

The Devil will be raising a little more Hell in remaining two episodes of "Lucifer" season one. After Lucifer (Tom Ellis) abandoned his throne for a much needed break in Los Angeles, he unexpectedly became enamored with humans and their lives. Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) particularly piqued Lucifer's interest, especially since she was inexplicably immune to his supernatural powers and charisma.

However, in an attempt to restore the universal balance, his angelic brother, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), pleaded with Lucifer to return to his fiery domain, to no avail. As a result, a desperate Amenadiel recently plotted to have a mortal Lucifer killed, which would cause him to go straight back to Hell. His scheme failed, leaving viewers wondering how a wrathful Lucifer might retaliate and whether it would jeopardize his redemption.

Ellis recently spoke with CBR News about Lucifer's breaking point, his possible redemption, his relationship with Chloe and what may come in the recently renewed DC/Vertigo-based show's second season.

CBR News: There have been multiple handsome devils on TV. What did you do to make your version stand out?

Tom Ellis: The original script that I got for it, that was written by Tom Kapinos from "Californication," this character was brilliantly realized on the page. It was like a blueprint for me. I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. It was so funny, which was the thing that really struck me, and I wanted to keep it funny. But, I also wanted to make sure that we could find a way to ground the character.

As the series has gone on, and the veneer of Lucifer has stripped away slowly and he's had these experiences, we've found the way of doing that with things that really land with him. They surprise him as well as our audience. That's what I wanted to do with it. It wasn't like I wanted to actually make him different than any other devils out there. I just wanted to honor what we had in the first place.

Almost from day one, Lucifer expressed a fascination with Chloe. However, somehow, she's immune to his charm, wit, sex appeal and killer singing voice. How much does that baffle and bug Lucifer?

It's the driving force after our pilot. Lucifer doesn't want to solve crimes. He just wants to sort of spend time around Chloe, find out what makes her tick and try to get to the bottom of all this. Slowly, this sort of friendship blossoms between them and that surprises him. Then he realizes he trusts her and he's never really trusted anyone before. As we get towards our season finale and our episode tonight, for the first time, Lucifer feels betrayed by Chloe. It really takes him to a place he's never been before.

Lucifer recently discovered Amenadiel was trying to kill him. So far, it's been the calm before the storm. How does Lucifer react when he comes face-to-face with his brother again?

Not in the best way. Lucifer feels like he's trying to be the better man for the first time in his life. You certainly saw that when Amenadiel was on the beach in the wing episode. He was like, "Hit me. Hit me again. Please. Please. Fall like I did." Lucifer's goading him, but he's not fighting back. That tactic, alongside everything else in Lucifer's world crumbling, makes Lucifer say, "I've had enough." We get this almighty fight between them, which is something we had a lot of fun filming.

We haven't seen Lucifer snap. Does this finally push him over the edge?

Absolutely. The interesting thing about Lucifer is it's important to remember he's like a wild animal. People believe they may be taming him, but, at any moment, he could go. That's something that's been brewing all through the series. When he has a real reason to go, he goes crazy. It's more fun to sit on that rage than constantly be angry.

You've stated this series is the ultimate redemption story. How much closer is Lucifer to achieving that? What do you believe have been some of the big steps he's taken?

He's been selfless, which was the first step on his way to redemption. He was selfless in his protection of Chloe in the pilot and this preservation of her life. That set off a chain reaction in this crisis. He's like, "I can't understand what it is about this woman and why I've done these things." That was the first big one.

The episode that really resonated with me about the power of what the show is capable of is the one called "A Priest Walks into a Bar." Lucifer begrudgingly becomes friends with a priest. The priest dies and then Lucifer rages about the unfairness of this whole plan and can't get his head around it. There's this idea that there's this greater plan and Lucifer hasn't quite come to grips with understanding what he's doing and could be part of it.

Next week's season finale is titled, "Take Me Back to Hell," which sounds ominous. What can you say about the episode?

Viewers can expect a few bombshells. The one thing I can tease about the episode is throughout the whole season, I've been asked, "Are we ever going to see Hell?" In the finale, yes, we do. That's all I'm going to say.

Lucifer received a second season. What are you excited to explore?

It's going to be an opportunity to explore the relationships amongst the other characters as well. The idea of who Chloe is, we still have to get to the bottom of that. There's also the notion about Chloe and Lucifer and why their paths have been put together. That's something that's going to be driving the show forward. There's something that happens at the end of the finale that I'm very excited about exploring in Season 2, but I'm not going to spoil it for you.

"Lucifer" airs 9 p.m. Mondays on Fox, with episode "#TeamLucifer" on tonight, and first season finale "Take Me Back To Hell" on April 25.

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