Tom Ellis Says 'Conversations Have Started Happening' to Save Lucifer

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There may be hope yet for a fourth season of Lucifer, at least according to series star Tom Ellis.

Appearing on a panel at MCM Comic Con London this weekend, the actor reiterated his gratitude to fans for taking to social media to save the Vertigo comic book adaptation rallying behind the hashtag #SaveLucifer. Ellis then revealed that the public outpouring of fan support may have initiated efforts for the show to return for a fourth season.

"Conversations have started happening as a result of the noise that you guys have been making so all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you," Ellis said, while declining to go into specifics about the TV series' current status.

After three seasons, Fox cancelled Lucifer, which led fans to launch a social media campaign for either the network to reverse its decision or for other networks and platforms to potentially pick up the series for renewal. The fan support has led Ellis to pledge his support in fighting for a new season of the show, while Fox has decided to air two standalone episodes originally filmed for a prospective fourth season, as bonus episodes. The two bonus episodes will air on Monday, May 28, starting at 8pm ET.

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Debuting in 2016, Lucifer stars Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, who, after becoming bored with his duties as Lord of Hell, relinquishes his throne and opens a piano bar in Los Angeles. There, he gets his kicks helping the L.A.P.D. find and punish criminals. The character was introduced in 1989 by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth in The Sandman #4 and went on to star in his own spinoff series, the first of which ran for 75 issues.

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