Is There Room in the Arrowverse For the Canceled Lucifer?

News that Fox's fan-favorite DC/Vertigo television series Lucifer had been cancelled was shocking, to say the least. The announcement was met with vocal outcry from fans to the character's co-creator himself, Neil Gaiman, pleading Fox to change its decision.

While petitions to save the series have gone unheeded by potential network saviors, series star Tom Ellis has confirmed that there are still talks underway examining how the series could be saved... but nothing concrete has come of them. Even The CW, which is home to numerous DC Comics-based series, hasn't considered saving the mystical crime drama.

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But even if Lucifer the show is well and truly done for, the Arrowverse could still, ultimately, extend a lifeline that could offer fans of the Fox series a bit of closure. Since Legends of Tomorrow is set to feature Constantine -- another character who originated in a cancelled comics-based series from another network -- as a recurring cast member, it only makes sense that the time-traveling series could also feature the return of Ellis as the Dark One.


Matt Ryan first brought the character of Constantine to life on NBC's series of the same name. Constantine quickly developed a small but devout fan-following that would lead the actor to reprise the role on another network entirely. Ryan first made a guest appearance on Arrow, and eventually returned for the third season of Legends of Tomorrow  for an appearance that would eventually morph into a series regular role on Legends' upcoming fourth season. We don't yet know if John Constantine's next adventures will resolve the cliffhangers left dangling in his 2014-2015 series, but fans of the show will still get some measure of closure (and continuity) when it's all said and done.

There's no reason lightning can't strike twice. Like Ryan, Tom Ellis starred in a low-rated but fan-favorite DC series based on the occult, a series that suffered an untimely cancellation. Now, plot threads are left hanging, and Ellis' pitch-perfect take on the role is on the cusp of disappearing into the television ether. But what if instead of simply being cancelled, Ellis' Lucifer had somewhere to go? Like Constantine, the Arrowverse could easily bring the character across networks/universes/timelines to pay a visit to Star City... or the Waverider.

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