Lucifer Returns, Along with the Ultimate Guest Star: God

"Lucifer" returns to Fox tonight for its first new episode since January, and Warner Bros. Television brought some of the cast and executive producers of the DC/Vertigo-based fantasy police procedural to WonderCon in Anaheim last month to promote the show.

Series co-stars Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Rachel Harris (Linda Martin), and Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza) joined executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich on stage at the Anaheim Convention Center's arena, where they showed the first five minutes of return episode “Candy Morningstar,” as well as a sizzle reel previewing what’s coming up later this season of the Tom Ellis-starred show.

Before they took to the stage, the group sat down with CBR and other press outlets to expand on what’s in store for everyone’s favorite devilish detective when he returns to complete his second season, as well as preview what’s in store for the already announced “super-sized” season three.

Earlier this year, Fox announced that “Lucifer” would return for a 22-episode third season. In late March, the network announced that the second season episode order would be cut down from 22 episodes to 18, and that the four cut episodes would now be held over for next year -- bringing the total up to 26. Henderson clarified the schedule: "We initially broke an 18-episode season, and towards the end of working on the season, we were told that we had 22 episodes, which is awesome, but a little bit of a trick."

“We have these four stand-alone episodes,” Modrovich explained, “but they are not necessarily complete standalones. They might have little mythological nuggets in there that will pay off later.”

“We designed them to start story,” Henderson said. “If they had aired this season, the viewers would ask, ‘I wonder when they’re going to pick that (nugget) up,' and we’d pick it up a couple of episodes into season three. Now we’re just going to pick them up right after." Henderson stressed that the episodes are designed to fit in nicely to season three, and added that they may design a few more standalone episodes for the end of season three that they would be able to hold over for a season four, if Fox doesn’t have room in its schedule to air all 26 next year.

As for what to expect when the show returns, Alejandro hinted that his character Dan -- or as fans now lovingly refer to him, "Detective Douche," which Lucifer called him in an episode -- plays a big role in upcoming storylines.

"The writers are planting things," Alejandro said. "It’s a big whirlwind of story arcs that are happening and there are things peppered throughout each episode that will pay off in season three that are threaded through, and Dan is a big part of that thread.” He said his dream character arc would be to return as one of the show’s villains. "That would be dope," he said, adding that the writers “like to see Detective Douche suffer,” though.

Brandt teased an upcoming episode titled “Mr. And Mrs. Mazikeen Smith,” which will focus on her demon character, Maze. She hinted at a big fight scene in the episode. “It was really cool," Brandt said. "I was pregnant at the time we shot it, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to kick some ass."

Tricia Helfer and Lesley-Ann Brandt on tonight's episode of "Lucifer."

Everyone on “Lucifer” is also excited by an upcoming guest appearance of Lucifer’s dad, God... maybe. “Psych” funny-man Timothy Omundson will be appearing in the show's May 15 episode where he plays a man named God Johnson who claims to be the real deal -- whether or not that’s the case is yet to be revealed.

“When we broke the story, he (Omundson) was our prototype," Modrovich, sad, adding that they had “Galavant,” which also starred Omundson, on the TV in the writers’ room at the time. “He had this twinkle in his eye and this devilishness to him. I was like, ‘I can see him being Lucifer’s dad.’”

“You could cast him to play the devil or God,” Henderson chimed in. “And that’s what’s interesting.”

Alejandro agreed Omundson is amazing. “He walked right in like he was there from day one. Any actor that’s in a scene with him can’t keep a straight face. He’s so funny. He’s awesome.”

Harris added that when Linda meets God, she is in awe. “It’s like meeting Prince,” she joked.

The producers said that when the show returns, it will focus on a theme. “Lucifer is all about choice,” Henderson said. “He learned that Chloe didn’t have a choice about loving him or caring about him. Meanwhile -- Chloe just finally kissed this guy that she’s been fighting against for so long and there’s finally this intimate connection between them and then she gets sick and when she wakes up, he’s gone. So there’s some righteous anger.”

“In [Lucifer’s] mind, he’s in a protective mode,” Modrovich said. “He feels that if God sent her, she has no choice in her feelings. She’s still not real and that’s unfair to her. So he’s trying to figure out how to undo things for her sake. For someone who is about free will, he thinks what has been done is cruel. What’s ironic is that for someone who was the only human who was immune to his power, everything was her choice. He doesn’t understand that.”

“That will be the thrust of our mid-season premiere and that will push the dynamic for the last five episodes,” Henderson said.

As far as the season two finale, Modrovich stresses that they do tie up every loose end. “The whole season has been about what to do about mom. We figure it out by the end. There are many choices on the table. Does she go to hell? Does she go to heaven? Does she die? There are a lot of choices and we pick one.”

Henderson says the seasons are designed with a beginning, middle, and end, with a cliffhanger that teases the following season.

Tom Ellis in the title role of "Lucifer."

Another big change for next season is one happening behind the scenes. The show is moving the production from Vancouver, which has been its home for the first two seasons, to Los Angeles -- where the series takes place -- for season three.

Modrovich praised the crew in Vancouver for doing a great job of making Vancouver look like LA. She said that they have come down a few times to Los Angeles to film for a week so that LA locations could be included in various episodes, but now the LA “sparkle” will be heavier.

Henderson also paid tribute to the Vancouver crew, but is looking forward to the move to LA. “We’ll be able to shoot every corner of Los Angeles," he told press. "I think it’s always been a character in the show, but you’ll feel it a bit more in a really exciting way.”

The actors are also excited for the move. Alejandro was grateful that his family was able to relocate to Vancouver with him but can’t wait to return home to California. Harris added that it will be nice for the actors to be out in the sun instead of the Vancouver rain and that it will be nice to drive home in LA to be with her family, but said she will miss the Canadian crew.

“They are family, too," Harris said. "They were as much a part of the show as we were and they were so committed and loyal and devoted. They were sad but supportive of our move." She also added that the move to LA will allow the show to cast bigger actors as guest stars, and allow the actors to be closer to the writers’ room.

“Los Angeles is such a character in itself,” Brandt said. “It will be great to shoot in the city where the show takes place.”

"Lucifer" returns at 9 tonight on Fox.

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