Lucifer: Every Single Power That Amenadiel Has

All angels in Lucifer tend to have the same powers, and so in many ways, Amenadiel and Lucifer are extremely similar in their abilities and what they're able to do. While fans may not have been extremely fond of him at the beginning of the show, since fans fell for Lucifer practically immediately on meeting him, Amenadiel has caught the attention of fans, as he has proved himself to be a worthy comrade and an amazing fighter.

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Amenadiel is actually one of the only angels who is strong enough to take on Lucifer as an equal. Even though Lucifer has "let" him win on several occasions, Lucifer never underestimated just how strong Amenadiel is. He is an extremely strong angel, who has ten amazing powers that we dove into detail below.

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Amenadiel is actually one of the strongest angels, because he is of one of the highest rankings. He is able to hold his own against Lucifer, however, he did have the upper hand because Lucifer didn't have his wings.

Even when he lost his powers he was able to easily beat humans in a fight. Amenadiel is stronger than Uriel, and the only reason why he couldn't beat Lucifer is because Lucifer is of a higher ranking, even though he is technically a fallen angel.


Probably one of the most obvious things he is able to do, considering he is an angel, Amenadiel is immortal. That is clear even before you really get to know the character.

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We know this from Lucifer immediately upon meeting him, and as an angel, it means they all have this ability. However, being immortal does not mean that he cannot die. Fighting against supernaturals proves to be a risk, and supernatural weapons can mortally injure him.


As an angel, Amenadiel can control time, and we see this when suddenly everyone in the scene stops moving, but Lucifer and Amenadiel. This power allows him to live among the humans and do his deeds without humans noticing him at all. However, when he began to fall from heaven, his powers became far less powerful. He was still able to control time, but only for a few moments.


This is something that we had seen Lucifer do from the beginning of the show, so many times in fact, that it becomes the constant point that the detective references when she realizes he is not human.

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It appears that all angels have that power, as Amenadiel is able to heal not only himself but people around him. He proves that when healing the original gunshot wound that killed Malcolm, and throughout his fights were he occasionally gets an injury, he has no problem bouncing back very quickly.


Amenadiel showed this skill when he saved Malcolm, who was about to be taken off life support. He saved him as he looked at him from a window. He, of course, is not the only angel able to do this, it is safe to say that most of them can.

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However, without his wings, he cannot do this. In order to resurrect a human, he has to travel either to Heaven or Hell to get their soul and place it back in the body. Without his wings, he is unable to travel beyond Earth.


It is careful to note that this is a power Amenadiel only possesses when his wings are undamaged. The moment they are damages, even a little, it affects his ability to travel through dimensions, including being able to go back up to heaven despite his high standings as an angel.

However, when his wings are healthy, he is able to travel through Earth, heaven, and hell without a hinge.


Amenadiel is incredibly good at hand-to-hand combat, to the point that he is even able to hold his own against Maze, who is known for her extreme ferocity as a combat fighter.

He is so good that even when he is devoid of his powers, he is able to continue fighting until his stamina runs out, at one point in the show, even fighting three men at the same time. However, although he is phenomenal, Lucifer is actually a better fighter than him, which makes complete sense, considering he probably got some lessons from Maze.


Like all angels who have wings, he can fly. However, flight isn't just a cool superpower for an angel, and the same feelings apply to Amenadiel.

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Their wings are a part of him, tethered to their skin, and to take their wings is not only to hurt their body but to hurt their soul. In fact, one of the best episodes of Lucifer is when Lucifer's wings get stolen, and the episode revolves around him trying to get them back. When Amenadiel's wings are damaged, he is terribly, terribly broken, and when he loses the ability to use his wings altogether he comes a changed man.


So, in this case, shape-shifting is not in the traditional sense that people may be used to. When we hear the word shape-shifting, we often think about someone transforming into an animal, however, this is not the case for the angel.

For angels, their idea of shape-shifting is being able to hide their wings. It's very useful, especially since for the show they spend their time among humans. Amenadiel has mastered blending in with humans, despite his strange clothing choices, and this is how he manages to keep his real identity a secret.


While some people may not consider it a superpower, they definitely should. Humans can have amazing reflexes, but it is nothing compared to the reflexes of an angel.

They are able to avoid most opposing threats thanks to their reflexes, and only seem to truly suffer in a battle when they're up against another angel or demon, who have similar powers. To top it off, he has amazing resilience, so that even when his reflexes fail, he is able to withstand a lot of injuries.

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