"Love Fights" Enter its Twelfth and Final Round

Official Press Release

Oni Press is sad to announce the temporary demise of the Harvey-nominatedLOVE FIGHTS, the publisher's third ongoing comic book series. With threemore issues to go, expect the big muscle-bound guys in tight costumes tobeat each other senseless across the summer months, and anticipate plentyof icky kissing, too, as Andi Watson brings the mammoth twelve-partromantic adventure to a close in August.

"Now, before anyone freaks out," Oni Press soon-to-be departed editor inchief Jamie S. Rich said, "you should know that this wasn't due to lowsales or me kidnapping Andi Watson and taking him away to my mountain lairbefore James Lucas Jones could get his butterfingers on him-it's a simplecase of creative choice (just like my run-on sentences). Andi originallyplanned two arcs of LOVE FIGHTS, but eventually it became one twelve-issuestory that encompassed everything he wanted to say. He sat down to planout the next story line and realized everything he came up with was toosimilar. Rather than give folks a retread of what had come before, hedecided to give the book a vacation. I am guessing somewhere tropical."

"We're probably the biggest Andi Watson fans there are," Oni publisher JoeNozemack said, "and we trust his creative judgment. Though the marketwould accept more issues of LOVE FIGHTS with zero protest, Oni Press isabout giving creators the freedom to follow their muses. I look at this asa positive, not a negative. This is paving the way for more Andi Watson.Expect announcements shortly for more projects from Andi, including someLOVE FIGHTS spin-offs and some real surprises."

So, what do readers have in store for them in the final three issues ofLOVE FIGHTS? Will Jack and Nora ever make up? Does Future Feline have apaw in the Flamer's lovechild scandal? What is the Flamer hiding? Who areDr. Pitt and Professor Pendulum? Can the Fader ever commit to an adultrelationship? Will J.J. find his way out of submissions editor hell?"There's a lot of story to wrap up," Rich concluded, "but Andi is sure todo it with the usual wit and aplomb that has earned him so many fans."

Each issue of LOVE FIGHTS is a 32-page, black-and-white comic bookrecommended for mature readers. They feature new color covers by AndiWatson and carry a $2.99 price tag. Look for #10 in stores on June 9, #11on July 7, and #12 on August 26, 2004. #10 will also feature a specialbonus back cover by Watson!

The first LOVE FIGHTS trade paperback collection reprints the first sixissues of the series and is in stores now!

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