"Love And Capes" #2 Arrives In Time For Christmas

Official Press Release

Love and Capes, Thom Zahler's acclaimed "heroically super" situation comedy comic book is coming back, just in time for the holidays. Love and Capes #2 will be available for advance order through Diamond Comics' Previews catalog in October, to be in stores just before Christmas.

"What do you give your girlfriend for Christmas when she knows you can crush coal into diamonds? And, what does she give him?" That's just one of many questions as the romantic relationship continues between Abby and Mark. Abby runs a bookstore and Mark is an accountant, who also just happens to be a high profile super-crime fighter known as the Crusader. Love and Capes #2 is 24 full color pages of holiday fun that combines the witty dialogue and unique art style that made Love and Capes #1 such a hit with critics and fans alike.

Prior to the release of this second issue, Thom Zahler is giving fans a chance to become better acquainted with his characters by making Love and Capes #1 available, in it's entirety, at www.loveandcapes.com , for a limited time.

Look for Love and Capes #2 in Previews' October catalog, order code OCT063553. Love and Capes #2 will officially debut at Mid-Ohio-Con, November 25 & 26 ( www.midohiocon.com) and arrives in stores nationwide in time for Christmas.

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