Louise Simonson Helms IDW/Cartoon Network "Super Secret Crisis War" Crossover

On Friday at the annual ComicsPRO meeting in Atlanta, IDW Publishing announced plans for their first crossover event featuring their licensed Cartoon Network properties including "The Powerpuff Girls," "Samurai Jack," "Dexter's Laboratory," "Ed, Edd and Eddy," and more, building on the publisher's series based on "The Powerpuff Girls," "Samurai Jack" and "Ben 10."

"Super Secret Crisis War," a 6-issue miniseries, kicks off in June by legendary "X-Factor" and "New Mutants" writer Louise Simonson with up and coming cartoonist Derek Charm illustrating the epic event. Charm will also draw the main covers for all six issues, while "Powerpuff Girls" artist Troy Little provides variant covers for each issue.

In addition to the creative team breakdown, IDW provided CBR News with the solicitation copy for "Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War" #1:

"The devious demon Aku has called together a League of Extraordinary Villains - composed of malevolent miscreants from different cartoon universes. When their evil robots show up in the world's of 'The Powerpuff Girls,' 'Ben 10,' 'Samurai Jack,' 'Dexter's Laboratory' and (even) 'Ed, Edd and Eddy,' it's up to all these fearless heroes to band together and put an end to the League's nefarious plot of inter-dimensional conquest!"

Additionally, five one-shot tie-in issues will accompany "Super Secret Crisis War" beginning in July. Written by some of today's best all-ages authors, these one-shots include "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" by Ivan Cohen, "Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy" by Kate Leth, "Johnny Bravo" by Erik Burnham, "Codename: Kids Next Door" by Scott Peterson, and "Cow & Chicken" by Jim Zub. Each one-shot also features a two-page back-up story by Louise Simonson that explores the origins of the League of Extraordinary Villains, and variant covers by Ethen Beavers.

"When IDW first acquired the rights to the various Cartoon Network properties, we not only discussed comic series for individual characters, but also the possibility of crossing over the properties and having two or more iconic cartoons in the same book," explained editor Carlos Guzman. "With so many interesting classic characters to choose from, we couldn't pass up the chance of teaming up Dexter with The Powerpuff Girls, or Johnny Bravo with Samurai Jack!

"Cartoon Network loved the idea, and we set out to find the right creators for the job. By pure serendipity, the brilliant Louise Simonson had already been talking to IDW about her interest in new projects, so we floated the idea her way. She enthusiastically dove in, picked out her team of heroes and villains from among her favorite characters, and the rest is history! Sarah Gaydos and I set out to find the perfect artist for an event this momentous, and we found him right under our noses: Derek Charm was working on a several covers and two issues of 'Powerpuff Girls,' and his amazing storytelling and show-stopping art impressed us, and put him in the running. The biggest challenge for any artist on this event was going to be making the different art styles (from the clean lines of 'Ben 10,' to the squigglier style of 'Ed, Edd and Eddy' fit together. Once Derek finished his first cover (featured on the exclusive Comics PRO cover for 'Samurai Jack' #5), there was no doubt in our mind that we had found the right man for the job!"

Look for "Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War" #1 this June from IDW Publishing.

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