Lost's Jacob Breaks Out Of Prison

On Lost, the enigmatic Jacob and his equally mysterious brother were constantly at odds with one another. Jacob, the ruler and protector of the Island, was tasked with making sure that his Smoke Monster brother could never leave, effectively turning the Island into a prison.

But the script is about to get flipped on Mark Pellegrino, the actor who played Jacob on the recently concluded ABC series. TV Line reports that Pellegrino has just landed a role on Breakout Kings, the new A&E series from the Prison Break duo of Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora about a group of U.S. Marshals and ex-cons that team together to hunt down fugitives. Pellegrino will guest star as Virgil Downing, an infamous contract killer who has only been convicted of murder once out of a suspected three dozen killings. Downing was caught for killing a police commissioner, but he escaped from his maximum security prison six years later. The character appears on the 10th episode of the series.

As a huge Lost fan, I'm more than intrigued by his involvement in Breakout Kings. But as a slightly less devoted Prison Break fan, I was already hooked; not only are Olmstead and Santora the driving forces behind the show, but Robert Knepper has already agreed to reprise his role as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell for a string of episodes.

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