Lost in Space's Big Season 1 Cliffhanger, Explained


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the reboot of Lost in Space, steaming now on Netflix.

The Robinsons are confronted by a series of ticking clocks from the moment they crash on a distant planet in the opening moments of Lost in Space, whether it's because of a depleting oxygen supply, plummeting temperatures or the imminent departure of the colony ship The Resolute. But just when it appears as if they've cleared one obstacle, and beaten one deadline, other, more daunting ones appear in their path. That certainly doesn't change in the Season 1 finale, appropriate titled, "Danger, Will Robinson."

Netflix's reimagining of the 1960s sci-fi adventure is set in a near-future in which Earth, faced with environmental and political instability, sends its best and brightest to colonize a distant planet in Alpha Centauri. But it turns out that humanity is only capable of interstellar travel because of an engine stolen from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Canada. And during the 24th mission to the new colony, those aliens send a deadly robot to reclaim what's theirs. The Robinsons and other colonists abandon The Resolute and become marooned on a planet light years from their destination, able to hear broadcasts from the mother ship but unable to respond.

However, they're not alone, as the robot's vessel also crashes, leaving it badly damaged and with no memory of its purpose. But an act of kindness by Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) saves Robot from certain destruction, thereby turning it into his family's greatest ally -- and threat. It's one Parker Posey's manipulative Dr. Smith hopes to turn to her advantage.

John Robinson & Don West

lost in space

Marooned on a planet made increasingly unstable by its proximity to a black hole, the Alpha Centauri colonists have multiple Jupiter vessels but virtually no fuel. With The Resolute about to depart, or else risk being drawn into the black hole, the colonists pin their hopes on a plan by Dr. Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker): to strip down a Jupiter to its essential parts, and use the remaining fuel to launch John Robinson (Toby Stephens) and Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) into space to make contact with the mother ship and get help for the colonists.

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Of course, it doesn't go according to plan, and the Jupiter explodes, but only after John and Don eject, and find temporary safety on what remains of the hull, with dwindling oxygen. In the meantime, however, Will realizes the colonists can use the Jupiters' waste converters to transform an immense deposits of dung left in a nearby cave by enormous bat-like creatures into fuel. "So if we'd just waited a couple of hours, we wouldn't be here," Don observes, when hearing the news via Morse Code from Will.

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