Lost in Space Season 1's Biggest Unanswered Questions

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WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the reboot of Lost in Space, streaming now on Netflix.

Netflix's reboot of the 1960s Irwin Allen classic, Lost in Space is an emotional journey that delivers both a rollicking sci-fi adventure and a heartfelt story of family. This modern retelling continues the old narrative of the Robinsons being marooned on a mysterious planet, but this time the threats they face aren't just extraterrestrial beasts, but also selfish humans, domestic disputes and a killer robot.

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As they try to find their way off a doomed world and back to their interstellar colony ship, The Resolute, the Robinsons and their fellow castaways are confronted with a series of seemingly insurmountable setbacks, climaxing in a fast-paced finale. Looking back at Season 1, however, we're left with several unanswered questions.

Where Are the Robinsons Now?

Their family-size Jupiter ships drained of fuel by eel-like creatures, and their planet refuge becoming increasingly unstable, the Robinson and the other colonists are left with few options, as The Resolute is about to continue the journey to Alpha Centauri without them. What little fuel remains is enough to send one stripped-down Jupiter, piloted by John Robinson (the family's patriarch, played by Toby Stephens) and mechanic Don West (Ignacio Serricchio), into orbit in hopes of making contact with the colony ship before it's too late.

Of course, that mission goes awry, leaving most everyone to assume John and Don died in mid-flight in a dramatic explosion in mid-flight. However, a spirited Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) discovers a bio-organic fuel supply, allowing all Jupiters to return to safety aboard The Resolute. However, before the Robinsons can rejoin the others, they set off to rescue John and Don, who are confirmed alive, but stranded in orbit aboard a piece of their ship, with oxygen running out.

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The family barely completes this mission, successfully staving off the sinister Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), and not only Robot, but also its extraterrestrial comrade, which appears from seemingly nowhere in an effort to retrieve the alien engine salvaged from Robot's crashed vessel. Victory is short-lived, though, because as the finale winds down, that engine integrates with the Jupiter 2 and transports the family to the binary star system. Will immediately recognizes it from a crude picture Robot drew in the dirt, and warned of "danger." It remains to be seen what aliens exist there and how they'll react to the humans.

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