<i>Lost</i> Series Finale Gets A Big Fat Spoiler Warning

By the time the average 9 - 5 working stiff returns to the office on Monday morning, Lost will be over. When said stiff plops down in their chair with a cup of lukewarm coffee and a stack of emails collected from over the weekend, there will be plenty to ponder from the Sunday night series finale. In other words, it's almost finished. You're about to learn everything you're ever going to learn on Lost.

Of course, you don't need to wait until the series finale airs to find out how it's going to play out, as popular Lost fan site and spoiler source DarkUFO posted a major spoiler warning on its blog that reads:

We've had a number of major spoilers which we have delayed posting till as late as possible to avoid people getting spoiled who don't want to be for the finale. These will probably be posted sometime tomorrow, so this is an advanced heads up to those who don't want to be spoiled to get off the spoiler section. ...

I strongly suggest that when these are posted that you DO NOT View them unless you are a hard core Spoiler Addict.

If you're skeptical about the authenticity of the DarkUFO warning, I would encourage you not to push your luck. Thanks to a plethora of inside sources, DarkUFO has successfully spoiled several episodes throughout the history of Lost, including the flash-forward narrative twist during the season three finale, Through The Looking Glass.

We'll keep Spinoff Online a spoiler-free zone until after the finale. Anyone posting spoilers in the comments section will be dealt with appropriately. (See: smoke monster evisceration, thirty day incarceration in polar bear cages, forced labor pushing button in Swan Station for period of three years).

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