'Lost' Secret Wars action figures emerge from the 1980s

Here's a fun piece of comic history ... back in the early 1980s, Marvel released their big crossover series Secret Wars. It was the series that introduced Spider-Man's black symbiote suit, brought She-Hulk into the Fantastic Four, drove a wedge between young lovers Kitty Pryde and Colossus, and spawned a toy line. Mattel released a couple of waves of figures, starting with characters from the series -- Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Wolverine and several others -- then followed it up with some who didn't make it to the Beyonder's battle planet, like Falcon, Hobgoblin and Daredevil. Just as a third wave of figures was being created, the line was killed -- so abruptly that three of the figures from the third wave were already in production. So Europe saw the release of Iceman, Constrictor and Electro.

But as Jason Geyer details over on Action Figure Insider, that wasn't quite the end of the line. Geyer has posted artwork for several figures that never made it into production, including Mr. Fantastic, Abomination, Thunderball, Mystique and the Dazzler. He even includes artwork from the lenticular shields that would have come with each figure, one of the trademarks of the line. Go check it out.

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