<i>Lost</i> Reveals The New Man In Charge

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Benjamin Linus aren't exactly the most natural pair. One is a jolly old lug of unlucky love while the other is a mass-murderer and compulsive liar. But the two are setting their differences aside as they assume the Number One and Number Two positions as the new leaders of the Island — something that was teased in the series finale of Lost, but will get extended play when the final season and complete series box sets arrive on August 24.

Entertainment Weekly has your first look at the final 12-minute installment of Lost, titled "The New Man in Charge." The extended minisode features Michael Emerson's Ben traveling between DHARMA Initiative locations, presumably on Hurley's orders.

''Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down,'' Emerson told EW. ''There are some good surprises [and] it does answer questions.''

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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