"Lost" Kubricks Found at Meltdown Party

Fans lined up around the corner at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood Wednesday night for the chance to see the new Kubrick figures based on characters from "Lost," the hit ABC television show. Meltdown celebrated the event in a big way by bringing out a large number of the show's writing team, Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and co-creators Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams.

At the head of the line, a young fan in a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit held a large Dharma sign. Meanwhile, Meltdown Staff wore specially made shirts with a variation on the same Dharma Initiative logo. ABC News had a camera on hand to capture the event and interview fans about their expectations for the upcoming season, which premieres January 21.

The 2.36-inch tall Kubrick figures, designed by MediCom, feature "Lost" characters Jack, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie and Hurley, available in two-packs or individually. The figures representing Scot and Ben are available, but rare. Also available is a Be@rbrick variation featuring the Dharma logo on its chest. The figures were available in Japan since August, but this event marked the line's official US debut.

When the man in the jumpsuit arrived inside, he was greeted by writers asking him if he had made the costume himself, and he asked them all to sign his Dharma sign.

Besides the Kubricks and Be@rbricks, fans also asked to have DVDs and even a can of Dharma Initiative Chicken Soup autographed by the "Lost" staffers. Besides Abrams, Cuse, and Lindelof, also signing were a collection of producers and writers including Edward Kitsis, Melinda Hsu Taylor, Elizabeth Sarnoff, Brian K. Vaughan, Jack Bender, Adam Horowitz, Kyle Pennington, and Bryan Burk. During the signing, brochures for Oceanic Airlines were passed out. Several of those were signed as well.

Though initially told to keep the line moving, the event took on a less formal air and fans were allowed a few moments to chat with the "Lost" crew.

Later, the jumpsuited fan, a student at the University of Southern California named Nick Rizzo, explained both the suit and the sign. "I got it from ABC.com," he said. The website made jumpsuits available for Halloween. "I wished they'd made them sooner," he continued. Using the suit, he dressed up as character Desmond from the show. Brian K. Vaughn asked him if he was recognized. Rizzo replied, "Not in Hollywood, but when I got to [the USC] campus, people knew who I was." Rizzo dyed his hair to match the character. The Dharma sign was a birthday present ordered off of eBay. Rizza said the sign was "My canvass to collect as many signatures as possible."

The gallery section of Meltdown was decorated to feel like the hatch seen on "Lost," with shelves stocked with Dharma supplies. Additionally, art provided by producer Jack Bender was on display.

All photos by Pinguino Kolb

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