Lost: Evangeline Lilly on How Mythology Overshadowed Character Arcs

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen on Lost

While ABC's Lost may be off the air for nearly nine years now, star Evangeline Lilly still has regrets about the popular series and her character Kate Austen.

While promoting the latest installment in her children's book series The Squickerwonkers, The Demise of Selma the Spoiled, out this May, Lilly reflected on her star-making role on the ABC series and how she felt she never got to fully realize Kate's character arc over the six seasons the show was on the air.

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"I was really excited about the potential for Kate's character and who she was and what it meant for how much room for growth there was – because she started out deeply, deeply flawed. I don't feel I ever got the satisfaction I was looking for in terms of a full character arc," admitted Lilly in an interview with Syfy. "I felt like some of that got lost in the intensity of the mythology of the show. That became the priority and the focus, and the character arcs became secondary. So I never really felt like I got that satisfaction with her, even though I'm very proud to have played her and will always be proud."

With its series-long mysteries about the true nature of the island the survivors found themselves stranded on and the series' innovative storytelling style including its unique use of time, the series often didn't stop to focus on individual characters outside of flashbacks to provide backstory. With rumors of the series potentially getting rebooted by the network, perhaps a new incarnation of the character may get the time to develop should she return.

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