LOST's Daniel Dae Kim Had His Own Smoke Monster Theory

15 years after Lost's debut, series regular Daniel Dae Kim has revealed his own personal theory regarding the infamous smoke monster that plagued the crash survivors for six seasons.

In an interview with The Wrap, Kim spoke about his introduction to the mysterious creature. "We were all supposed to gather around the wing of the plane and look off into the jungle," he said. "The note was 'There’s something out there, and you don’t know what it is — but it’s the scariest thing you’ve ever heard.' That was my introduction to the smoke monster."

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Having dealt with the monster as his character Jin-Soo, Kim developed his own 'smoke monster' theory during his time on Lost. "I remember thinking that the smoke monster must be some kind of mirror of your consciousness, and your goodness as a human being," he shared. "The idea that I was playing with was that, if you were good inside, you would be safe. And if you were not, it would be the harbinger of your doom."

He added, "There was always something unknown to Jin a little bit on that island. It wasn’t hard to find a space for not knowing what the smoke monster was.”

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With so many still obsessed with the series, hearing Kim's take on the smoke monster adds another layer to the Lost mythos.

All six seasons of Lost are currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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