<i>Lost</i> Composer Tackling <i>Captain America</i> Score?

Has Captain America recruited Lost composer Michael Giacchino as his newest ally? That's the case according to the folks at Comic Book Movie, who report that the Oscar-winning composer for Up is a "top contender" to score the shield-slinging superhero's silver screen debut.

The report has its origins at the John Williams Fan Network, where a poster wrote:

"Giacchino appears to be the top contender to score Captain America. My brother's roommate works for Marvel, and he got tasked with the job of delivering the script to Giacchino's house. Upon delivery, he jokingly prodded and asked if he was going to do it. Giacchino said there's a good possibility, and that it might be done with Bruce Broughton along side."

Could be nothing, could be something. Even if it's nothing, it's hard to imagine anyone having a problem with Giacchino scoring Captain America. His work on Lost was inarguably an essential ingredient to that show's success; strip the Giacchino score away and you just have another goofy show about clueless schmucks running amok on a mysterious island. Put him in there, however, and you've got Lost. Count one person as potentially excited for Giacchino's involvement with Captain America, even if I'm not quite holding my breath yet.

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