Los Angeles times article discusses troubled comic industry

While we in the comic collecting world are well aware of the problems facing the comic market, the public has been mostly out of the loop with few newspapers deeming the current state of the comic industry interesting enough to talk about. The steps in the Los Angeles Times.

In a Los Angeles Times Living cover story "The Disappearing Comic Book," writer Glenn Gaslin takes a hard look at the comic industry. While to most observers of the industry most of this isn't news anymore, Glenn does interview a wide variety of high profile comic industry types like Marvel EIC Joe Quesada, "Green Arrow" writer Kevin Smith and "Too Much Coffee Man" creator Shannon Wheeler.

"Here was this $400-million movie [X-Men], and we failed to capitalize on it, making our books more complicated than they ever have been," Quesada said in the article, admitting to Marvel's past failures, but insisting they're back on the right track now.

There's also discussion about how the industry has affected retailers, with many closing up shop and others switching their focus from Comics to more saleable product such as card and computer games.

To read the whole story visit The Los Angeles Times.

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