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Lorna: Relic Wrangler #1

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Lorna: Relic Wrangler #1

Reading this comic as a parody of Lara Croft adventures certainly makes the book a lot more entertaining than reading it as a straight-forward comic book adventure with a strong female lead. The Darwyn Cooke cover drew me in and I brought a different set of expectations that, sadly, were not met.

As an agent of the Mystic Fez Lodge, Lorna is tasked with shutting down an interdimensional portal that is unleashed upon Washington D.C. In her adventures, Lorna faces her longtime nemesis, a foe named Posh Meow. The story, itself, is largely disappointing, as it has moments where I want it to be more than a parody, but it just isn’t. The means by which Lorna avoids a hideous fate is not overly convincing, which, once again, works better in the context of parody.

The art by Loston Wallace for the first story in this issue is Bruce Timm-like, but as such has limitations in the realism of the story. The art makes the story feel light-hearted, which is fine for the tale, but taken in context with the rest of the issue just seems out of place, or maybe it’s the art of the rest of the issue that is out of place. Wallace’s character expressions are fun and dramatic, just like Timm’s, and the story looks good.

The art from the other segments plays the cheesecake angle a little too heavily while adding a “Creepy” vibe to the stories, as Lorna encounters a stigmatic and a possible incarnation of the devil himself. The handful of pinups in this issue trend towards Wallace’s style. That animated style seems more appropriate for the character.

While the intent is clear, this parody just doesn’t go far enough as a spoof, falling somewhere between a successful lampoon and poor caricature. In the end, this comic doesn’t do a whole lot to dispel any preconceptions of the comic book standard, nor does it offer a story that I see myself re-reading or waiting for a follow-up.