Lorendiac’s Lists Archive

Awhile back, Lorendiac began sharing with us his latest cool lists that he does. I showed an archive of his past lists, but as they were on geocities at the time, the traffic we sent over was a bit too much to handle. Luckily, he has since archived his lists on livejournal, so you can now all read them!! Cool, huh?

So if you want to check out his previous efforts "to look at some peculiar aspect of the superhero lifestyle and list and analyze the different approaches that various writers have taken in dealing with such matters over the years" (quoting his explanation of his lists), read on for the links! (And then come back here in an hour for his brand NEW list)

And here are five he has posted on Comics Should Be Good:

Superboy's Legion of Super-Heroes Induction Involves Aquaman's Trident

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