Lore Season 2 Features Two Original Episodes Not From the Podcast


There are more than 90 podcast episodes for Amazon Video's Lore to adapt, but the upcoming second season is dedicating two of its six episodes to brand new stories.

During the Lore press room at New York Comic Con, creator and host of the podcast Aaron Mahnke was enthusiastic about the new season including two original episodes, especially since they learned a valuable lesson from the first season.

"It's fantastic," Mahnke succinctly stated about the new tales that aren't from the podcast. "What we learned in Season 1 is that there are some podcast episodes that just will not translate to video." Mahnke further elaborated, giving an example from a podcast episode that made it to the first season of Amazon Video's show. "I mean, 'Echoes' we kind of cheated on, because 'Echoes' is a podcast episode about a building called the Danvers State Hospital and mental health as an industry in the early 1800s. We didn't do the TV episode on that. We did it on Dr. Walter Freeman, which still connects - he's a part in the podcast, but he's a character in the TV show."

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There are dozens and dozens of podcast episodes to choose from for adapting, but Mahnke explained that you may never hear some of your favorites if it's decided it's one that simply won't translate from audio to video. "We just learned that some don't adapt well. There are some stories that are going to only work in video format, and the Jack Parsons story and 'Prague Clock' are both stories that would not work in the podcast format because they're so visual."

Mahnke further supported the two all-new episodes, commenting that the new tales are "rich in visual elements that help tell the story and I can't do that with my voice."

The two original episodes will be "Prague Clock: The Curse of the Orloj" and "Jack Parsons: The Devil and the Divine."

Season 2 of Lore will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Oct. 19.

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