Lore Olympus: 10 Cosplays Fit For The Gods

Lore Olympus is a breakout webcomic hosted by the online platform WEBTOONS. The app hosts thousands of original webcomics that are updated weekly. A couple of the comics are in the works of being adapted into animated features. Lore Olympus has received an incredible amount of praise, including being an Eisner Award Nominated comic. The creator, Rachel Smythe, is a talented writer and artist that graciously provides even more wonderful content on her Patreon. She updates the comic weekly on Saturday nights.

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The illustration in Lore Olympus is impeccable, so naturally talented fans flock to cosplay the beautiful characters Rachel has designed. It takes an extreme amount of dedication and talent to cosplay. A plethora of talented artists has put in the work to make some phenomenal cosplays that look identical to the characters. This list features 10 cosplays from Lore Olympus that are truly fit for the Gods.

10 Eros

First up, this Eros cosplay by Rink BBQ is an amazing comparison! The pink hue of this cosplayer's skin tone toes the line of realistic color and the author's deep pink hue. This color lets us see the tone without losing details in the facial features. This particular facial expression reminds us of the time Eros learns Persephone does not own any modern clothes, so like any immortal God with endless pockets, he takes her out on a shopping spree.

9 Artemis

This Artemis looks stunning in their version of Persephone's BFF. The tights and arm socks take a lot of skill to craft. The body paint and makeup are flawless. R3viry truly invokes the Goddess of the Hunt with her cosplay. The construction of the garment is impeccable! And check out those prop making skills! The bow is a must-have accessory for this Goddess of Eternal Maidenhood!

8 Hecate

Hats off to this dapper Hecate! She looks like she jumped out of the webcomic and is ready to assist Hades in whatever dirty work he may need to tend to. The outfit choice is superb and identical to one of the outfits Hecate wears in the comic. The body paint makeup job is wonderful.

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The details, like the contour and smokey eyes come through perfectly. The finishing touch that brings this cosplay together is the greenish-yellow contacts. It is the perfect hue for Hecate!

7 Megaera

One of the three Furies, Meg, has a huge crush on Hades. When Hades and Minthe update their official status to Fatesbook and she finds out he is off the market and doesn't love her, she cries in the locker room for a while. Persephone comforts her and tells her he isn't worth it and how the guy doesn't deserve a rare beauty like Meg.

Even though Meg knows Persephone is the Goddess in the tabloid with Hades, her kindness leads Meg to lone her a Fury outfit for her work in the mortal realm. This cosplay of Meg is spot on! The use of Mehron's body paints and contact choice is phenomenal. The innovative hair construction is impressing and conveys Meg's snaky trusses beautifully.

6 Thetis and Minthe

This is the perfect cosplay of our two favorite Underworld baddies. The pair of frenemies looks flawless. Thetis' fin prosthetics are incredible! Minthe's ears are a great prop as well! This photo looks like it could have been taken when Minthe ditches Hade's romantic dinner for two and instead chooses to go out for drinks with her pal. The makeup this pair uses is a flawless finish and their facial expressions capture the dynamic duo's bad girl attitudes.

5 Fury Persephone

Fury Persephone is a great look for this cosplayer! From the hairpiece branches to the garment itself, this cosplay is impeccable. The construction of this piece looks like a perfect replica of the one Persephone wears in chapters 56 and 57. She's sure to stun Hades in this getup.

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The arm socks and tights in the perfect light pink shade add to the overall feel of this cosplay.

4 Hecate

Another Hecate dazzles us with her charms. This one wears her signature glasses from the comic. Hecate is one badass in the Underworld you should never mess with. The personal touch with the nose ring from the Instagram user,ย  zenietreecosplay is an awesome feature and suits Hecate very well. Hecate can eat you alive with one glance. If she takes the shades off, you're definitely in trouble.

3 Hera

Next up, this cosplay is absolutely heavenly. Instagram user, Bonniegracebing brings Hera to life with her cosplay. From head to toe, she nails it. Her golden skin tone is a difficult one to achieve without dulling and becoming a pallid yellow, but she manages to stun us with this radiant glowing gold.

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Her pose speaks volumes to Hera's demeanor and grace. Her hair also reminds us of the elegant fan-favorite Goddess.

2 Hades

Baelfirecosplays makes a dreamy Hades! They manage to make his red shade of eyes a bright red without scary cold demon vibes. Instead, this hue is true to the warmer sides of Hades we get to know and love from the comic. The wig also adds a sleek element that lends to Hades's gentleman-like demeanor. The moody lighting of photography gives us an appealing sense of mystery. This Hades stares into the distance dreaming of Kore, without a doubt.

1 Persephone and Hades

This pair cosplays the King and Queen themselves. The photo conveys the love between the characters. It evokes excitement and conveys the couples' overall ambiance. The blooming blue flowers signify Persephone's love for the God of the Underworld as he caresses her face in his palm. The scenery in this shot is beautiful and transports us to the original kidnapping myth. The outfit choice is perfect for The Goddess of Spring in the opening episodes of the comic.

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