Lords Of Avalon: Knight Of Darkness #4

Story by
Art by
Tommy Ohtsuka
Colors by
Tommy Ohtsuka
Letters by
Bill Tortolini
Cover by
Marvel Comics

King Arthur is dead, but his warriors fight on in this new take on the Arthurian legend by #1 BEST-SELLING AUTHOR

SHERRILYN KENYON. Varian, Merlin's foremost assassin, is trying to survive the infamous Val Sans Retour where every

minute is filled with threats and narrow escapes. As he fights to return to Merlin and save the grail knights, the questions about Varian's past continue to mount. Why is the son of Narishka, a supporter of the evil queen Morgen, an assassin for Avalon? Though some of these questions will be answered, an even bigger one comes when the ghost of Sagremor, a long-dead Knight from the Round Table, blocks his way, declaring Varian a TRAITOR! The adventure continues in LORDS OF AVALON: KNIGHT OF DARKNESS saga!!

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