Rumor: Amazon's Lord of the Rings Will Focus on Young Aragorn

It seems like our journey back to Middle-Earth might feature the return of a fan-favorite character. While very little is known about Amazon Studios' highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel television series, a new rumor has surfaced claiming that the series will center around a young Aragorn.

Earlier today, expert Lord of the Rings news reporting website TheOneRing.net tweeted that they had breaking news on their hands. "We have confirmed from multiple sources that @AmazonStudios new billion-dollar #LOTR series will open its first season centered on a young Aragorn," the tweet read.

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Since this hasn't been confirmed by any official press releases, it's important to file this news under rumor for the time being. However, the long-standing website has a credible history of reporting Lord of the Rings-related news, which means that there might be truth to these claims.

Played by Viggo Mortensen in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, Aragorn became a fan-favorite character in the fantasy epic. As the rightful King of Gondor and all men, the character has deeply-rooted history in Middle-Earth which would make for a fascinating prequel series.

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Amazon Studios' Lord of the Rings prequel series is still in early development. There have been no casting announcements or production details revealed so far. The series has no official release date yet.

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