And In The Dankness Bind Them: 19 Dank Lord Of The Rings Memes

The Lord of the Rings has been out for nearly two decades and remains one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture. It's no secret as to why either. The films managed to take an expansive universe with no limit and perfectly portray it on the big screen to the point where people of all ages could watch and make sense of it all. As it has aged, The Lord of the Rings has become a huge target for the Internet, but not in the sense that it's disliked. On the contrary, the movies are simply used as a way to create some of the greatest memes known to the entire universe.

There are several moments in the movies that are so quotable that they were practically destined to become jokes in and of themselves. No doubt, if Middle-Earth were to have access to the Internet and memes, even Gandalf the Grey might get a kick out of some of these. However, there are so many memes to choose from, it's easy to find nothing but the boring ones. Thankfully, we've done all the sifting for the Hobbits and the audience. Here are 19 dank Lord of the Rings memes that'd even get a chuckle out of Sauron.


When it was announced that Orlando Bloom would be returning to the role of Legolas for The Hobbit movies, it made a lot of sense. After all, the character would've been alive while Bilbo and the Dwarves were making their way to Erebor. However, no one would've guessed that he had such a prominent role across the entirety of the trilogy.

Due to how much time passed between filming The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Bloom was significantly older, and it was blatantly obvious in the movies. He was much more masculine and seemed more threatening. Of course, the only logical explanation from here is that Elves in Middle-Earth age backwards. Try not to think about it too much -- it will only confuse you.


There's not a whole lot to say about this meme. After all, it's nothing more than a play-on word with an added visual of what it would look like. That said, taking a name from The Lord of the Rings is a fairly easy target when dealing with word puns like this. The characters of Middle-Earth have very obscure names that can easily be twisted for a nice joke.

Furthermore, we can only imagine what the world would be like if every plant prescribed to this method of "Frodo-synthesis." Would all of the special flowers have Frodo faces embedded somewhere in their DNA, or does Frodo himself get food by using photosynthesis. While it's all guesswork at this point, that could certainly be the topic of the next Middle-Earth movie.


We've all found ourselves in the age-old situation in class where a teacher is droning on past the end of the period and refuses to dismiss everyone. Whether it be your old high school science teacher or a college professor, it's a very familiar concept.

If you ever find yourself in this situation again, we might suggest you take the approach that the King of the Dead did with Aragorn in The Return of the King. After using his army to fulfill their oath by fighting in the Pelennor Fields, he told the new King of Gondor to honor his word by releasing them to be at peace for all eternity. In real world terms, we won't be in eternal peace by being dismissed from class in time, but we'll at least let out sighs of relief.


Sam and Frodo have a very poetic and brotherly relationship in The Lord of the Rings. Quite literally taking him to Hell and back, Samwise Gamgee was one of the biggest heroes throughout the entire trilogy. While he started out fairly scared of the road that lay before them, he came into his own by tackling a giant spider, fighting some Ringwraiths, and even taking on an orc garrison at Cirith Ungol.

Some people, on the other hand, have looked at Frodo and Sam's relationship and mistaken the latter for having the hots for his Hobbit friend. Unfortunately, Sam would never be with his one true love, as Frodo remains single for the rest of his life. Instead, the meal-loving Hobbit would forever remain in the friendzone and have to settle for marrying Rosie.


The Lord of the Rings is one of the few film series that can be watched from start to finish and still captivate audiences every time. Following the Fellowship as the battle their way across Middle-Earth is a true spectacle and fans will want to watch it at every chance they get.

Because of this, one of the worst crimes in history is when somebody starts watching the movies without you. It's an event that everyone in the house will want to be there to experience. To be left out once Howard Shore's music starts playing is a horrid tragedy. If there's any lesson to be learned from this meme, it's this: if you ever decide to have a marathon of the trilogy, make sure that you invite all of your friends who want to watch as well. You'll avoid heartache.


If you were to ask Gandalf who was the most annoying member of the Fellowship of the Ring, he'd probably point immediately to Pippin. This Hobbit was the most curious of the four that appeared in the trilogy, and he managed to cause a lot of his own problems before taking up his arms and fighting for the free peoples of Middle-Earth.

However, he was still a nuisance during The Fellowship of the Ring. When our heroes traveled to Moria, he knocked down a skeleton and triggered the appearance of the goblin army. Gandalf was the first to reprimand him, telling Pippin to throw himself in the well and rid them of his stupidity. At that point, he was more useless than a shoe shop in the Shire.


When you're talking among your friends about the best movie franchises and one of them argues that Twilight is better than The Lord of the Rings, then you might need to knock some sense into them. To be fair, everyone has the right to express their interests and like some movies more than others regardless of quality. That's why the Transformers movies have been successful: audiences just choose to watch what they're interested in.

Still, we're not sure why people would pick Twilight over The Lord of the Rings. Even when you place the books side by side, there's no comparison. The latter is better in every way, and the fact some people prefer the former causes us to have a similar reaction to Boromir during the Council of Elrond. Imagine if someone preferred Batman V Superman over The Dark Knight.


Some of the best jokes in the world are the result of interpretation. The fact that there's multiple different meanings for the same word means that tons of people on the Internet are going to make phenomenal memes as a result. One of Legolas's famous lines in The Lord of the Rings was when he walked up to Frodo in Rivendell and stated that the Hobbit "had his bow." While most people assumed that meant his bow and arrows, there could've been some other sort of object that he was referencing.

After all, Legolas is easily the "prettiest" of the Fellowship members. He seems to care about how he looks and manages to not even get a scuff on him throughout the whole trilogy. It's not difficult to imagine that he was hiding a beautiful bow under all of those blonde braids over his head.


Anyone who is in college and is getting ready to face their exams ought to look at Aragorn's famous speech at the Black Gate for some added encouragement. While he talks about a far along age of wolves and shattered shields as the Age of Men comes crashing down, the more inspirational quotes are in this meme.

Students can relate to having those semesters where they feel like they can't get it all done, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of wallowing in their upcoming deadlines, they can pick up their pencils, study with all their might, and be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. As we can all agree on, finals week is practically a war on a similar scale to the people of Middle-Earth against the orcs of Mordor.


We all know those people who like the Star Wars prequels better than the originals, or perhaps enjoy Batman: Arkham Knight over Arkham City. If you find yourself in this category, then you might be a hipster, where being different and unique in everything is the only way to go. It's a good thing that these types of individuals didn't exist in Middle-Earth, or we'd end up like this version of Frodo.

Andy Serkis put together an excellent performance to portray the duality and dementia of the creature Gollum. While we can generally all agree that Gollum is the most interesting after he obtains the Ring, Hipster Frodo might have a few things to say about that. He liked Smeagol way more than he liked Gollum. He might change his mind when his finger gets bitten off.


Every major character in The Lord of the Rings is awesome in their own way. Aragorn has his leadership skills, Gimli has his sassy remarks, and Legolas can do some fancy tricks while taking orcs out from a distance. Still, the Mirkwood Prince has been the subject of a lot of criticism and jokes on the subject that he's too girly in appearance.

While we disagree with that statement, we're still impressed by how great his hair looked in the films. We imagine that he probably had some special Lothlorien shampoo that enabled him to keep his hair looking pristine. The moment anyone took that away from him, he would be cursed with tangled hair for the rest of the trilogy. Considering the events of the movies took place over months, that's way too long to go without shampoo.


Have you ever noticed that every male who isn't a Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings has long hair? From Aragorn to the riders of Rohan, everyone's hair at least comes down to their shoulders. If you had to put all of the characters side by side and rank which one had the best hair, though, Gandalf the White is the clear winner.

Just look at this image if you need more proof. Even when merely turning around, Gandalf's hair remains flawless from top to bottom. It's so impressive that we could even picture Loreal getting a time machine just to make him their first model. If that product is what it takes to have hair as magnificent as Gandalf's, then we definitely want a taste of it.


When memes first became popular, this scene became one of the earliest ever created. Boromir, during the Council of Elrond, interjects his opinion when the members discuss throwing the One Ring into Mount Doom. He states the famous line, "One does not simply walk into Mordor." From that point on, everyone on the Internet was applying that statement to countless other situations.

While it would be cliche to include one of those memes on this list, this meme sums up the scene's current state. There's almost no way you can watch that part of The Fellowship of the Ring without thinking of the countless memes that have shown up since it debuted. We're not sure how Sean Bean (Boromir's actor) feels about all of it, but at least he has some notoriety.


Spiders are frightening creatures. Their eight legs, eight eyes, and creepy way of walking are all perfect catalysts for nightmares. Arachnophobia is the most common fear in the world. Because of this, even the smallest of spiders are feared by many people, and many of them end up with a fight or flight response.

We've found ourselves channeling our inner Eomer more often than not. Instead of running away from the spider, we have our spears at the ready as we charge at the arachnids. With a triumphant, "For Rohan," we toss the spear (or shoe) in the hopes of killing it on sight. If we miss the first time, then we have to get up close and personal to deal with the tiny invader. Of course, if the designated spider killer is already in the house, you don't have to worry about it.


The One Ring has a mind of its own. Despite people trying to hide or destroy it, it consistently beckons for its master and wants to go back to Mordor. The Ring contains an essence of Sauron's life and is a wicked item as a result. It will take every effort to be found and returned, regardless of who gets killed along the way.

Several times, it finds its way on Frodo's finger as a way to indicate to the Nazgul and Sauron where it's hiding. In the real world, Ring Pops have a similar effect. Their sweet goodness constantly beckons to us, which eventually leads to them magically finding their way on our fingers. If the One Ring falling onto Frodo's finger didn't make sense to you right away, just think of how Ring Pops magically find their way on our hands. They're practically identical.


In pop culture today, we deal with all sorts of TV shows and movies that toy around with the concept of multiple universes. Those are mostly connected to comic book-based properties, but they've managed to expand into other genres as well. This is not an idea that The Lord of the Rings has dealt with, but it might come up whenever we see more about the upcoming TV series that was put into production by Amazon.

If multiple Middle-Earths were to exist, we could easily see one where each member of the Fellowship happened to be swagger warriors with a tendency to break the rules and wear shades at night. No more would the Hobbits just ask for Second Breakfast- they'd find whatever they could get their hands on and dig into it.


We've all found ourselves in the situation where we're bringing in groceries from the trunk of the car. However, going back and forth in multiple trips to get everything is way too strenuous for the average man. Because of this, us more intellectual folks flex our muscles and try and bring all of the food in on a single trip. Of course, it doesn't always pan out the way that we want.

The worst part about this is that others will try to reason with us, but it won't make a difference. We will continuously keep trying to fit all of that food in the door because making is second trip is only for the weak-minded. There may come a day when we take a second trip, but it most certainly is not this day.


The Ents are a neutral folk who exist solely to take care of the woods. However, if you cut down the plants that were once their friends, then you better be prepared for a powerful siege. After Saruman the White destroyed much of the Fangorn Forest, Treebeard and the rest of the elderly Ents worked together to take down Isengard and the orcs that lived in it.

While Ents don't exist in real life, the tree pictured above has a strong resemblance to one of the legendary shepherds of the forest. Complete with the legs and running stance, perhaps Tolkien was onto something when he created Middle-Earth (only joking). All we would need now are two little kids to sit in that tree and start throwing rocks.


Gimli's experience in Lothlorien was historic when you consider how much the Dwarves and Elves hated each other. He had a great admiration for the elf queen, Galadriel and asked for a single hair from her golden head. Instead of stopping at just one, he gave her three hairs that the dwarf would grow to cherish forever.

A similar thing happened when it was announced that Peter Jackson would be directing the film adaptation of The Hobbit. Most of us believed it could fit into one movie, but it was quickly made into a two-part story. While that was acceptable (there is more lore that could be explored with more screen time), two movies soon turned into an entire trilogy that was longer than it had any right to be. We only asked for one, and he gave us three.

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