'Lord of the Rings' LARPers wage epic battle for Middle-earth

When the call went out over the weekend, scores of men, women, Elves, Orcs and, um, other things responded, descended upon Fort Radikov, with nothing less than the future of Middle-earth at stake.

Or at least it could've been easily mistaken for Middle-earth. It was actually a village in the Czech Republic, where dedicated LARPers gathered for "The Battle of the Fort," an event set within the sweeping fantasy world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

But rather than reenact scenes from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, the participants went further back into the Third Age, for a battle involving between the forces of King Eärnur of Gondor and those of the Witch King of Angmar.

Photographer Daniela Bogarová captured the event, showcasing costumes, makeup and staging that rival some films. Check out some of the photos below, and many, many more on her Facebook page and at larping.org.

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(via Kotaku)

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