Lord of the Rings Audition Tapes Leak for Amazon Series


Audition tapes from Amazon's Lord of the Rings have surfaced online, potentially offering a sneak peek at what exactly makes the ambitious new series' characters tick.

When watching these clips, there are a few things viewers should keep in mind. First and foremost, audition tapes like these are only uploaded by actors who ultimately did not get the part they were auditioning for, meaning none of the actors in these clips will actually be appearing in the fantasy series.

Furthermore, there is a good chance the dialogue heard in the audition tapes will also not be in the show, as it is commonplace for placeholder dialogue to be written for auditions. That said, it is also not impossible that the dialogue used comes from the actual scripts. That being said, the characters' names could also very well be fabrications, so as to protect certain details.

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Nevertheless, the purpose of this reads is to see how well each respective actor gels with the character they are looking to play, meaning the dialogue given to them could accurately represent each character's personality, goals and general vibe.

The first clip is currently set to private, and is therefore no longer available to be viewed by the public. What we do know, however, is itis of an audition for a character named Tyra. Tyra -- who is possibly an elf -- appears to be a caring and altruistic individual. In Amazon's Lord of the Rings, Tyra will be played by Markella Kavenagh.

The second clip features actress Chloe Bremner auditioning for a character by the name of Eldien. Based on her dialogue, Eldien appears to be a seasoned and capable, though rather troubled warrior who must contend with a seemingly endless battle and the deaths of her comrades.

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In the third clip, actor Conor Fogarty auditions for the role of Beldor. The dialogue in this audition appears to be from the same scene as Bremner's audition. Like Eldien, Beldor appears to be an experienced warrior. Unlike Eldien, however, Beldor also appears to have accepted the situation and his place in it.

Finally, the fourth clip sees actor Nick Hardcastle reading for the role of Aric, who is evidently the rogue of the group. Aric comes off as a pragmatic survivor who is motivated by self-preservation above all else. In other words, it does not look like he is above sacrificing his friends if it means living another day.

Just how accurate these auditions are in terms of Lord of the Rings' actual characters remains to be seen. In other words, those clambering to return to Middle Earth will simply have to wait and see what the Amazon series has in store for Tyra, Eldien, Beldor and Aric.

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Amazon Studios' Lord of the Rings has yet to receive a premiere date.

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