Lord Drakkon: How Tommy Morphed Into the Power Rangers Ultimate Villain

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Outside of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies and TV series, BOOM! Studios has created something fresh and invigorating with its own comic line. Here, the Rangers have found themselves fighting a villain influenced by the evil Green Ranger from the show who calls himself Lord Drakkon.

Similar to the story of the "Green Ranger Saga" from the TV series, that character is really Tommy Oliver, the character made famous by  actor Jason David Frank. However, in these recent books, Drakkon is way more cerebral and bloodthirsty figure, who poses an even greater threat than Lord Zedd or Rita Repulsa ever did. Now, CBR is taking a look back on the tyrannical Ranger's journey and how he almost threw the Multiverse and the Morphin Grid into oblivion.

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Just like the Green Ranger, Drakkon's journey unofficially began after Tommy is found and corrupted by Rita. While the Rangers broke Tommy out of her control and turned him into a the heroic Green, and later White, Rangers, Tommy ran away and went into hiding, uncertain of his future in this comic.

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Eventually, Rita found him again and revealed that she chose him because she saw his overall potential in becoming worthy of the Drakkon mantle. Accordingly, they joined forces again and Tommy embraced his dark identity and helped her lay waste to the world. He took immense pleasure in his rivalry with Jason,the Red Ranger. Just when Zordon was about to give Jason a boost to make him the most powerful Ranger ever, Tommy slipped in and stole the upgrade.

He took Jason out and then decimated Zordon's base, the other Rangers, and Alpha, harnessing this newfound power and officially christening himself as Lord Drakkon. Shockingly, he betrayed and slayed Rita, and took over her regime since he wanted to rule the cosmos himself. He used the Rangers' Power Coins to create his own Ranger Sentries, and even turned Kimberly into the Ranger Slayer, finally achieving his dream of having an unstoppable legion.


Drakkon's main goal was to jump from reality to reality, killing off Rangers -- especially the good versions of himself -- and taking their Power Coins to keep building his armies. He even collected mementos such as their helmets and weapons in his effort to be the only Ranger. By drawing on the abilities of his victims, Drakkon absorbed a godlike level of power that started poisoning his own body.

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Nonetheless, Drakkon fought with many Rangers such as the HyperForce team, the Samurai Rangers, the Dino Rangers and the Jungle Fury Rangers as he invaded dimension after dimension in the Shattered Grid event. Even after he was captured and held on an Earth by the U.S. government, he escaped, driven by the thought of conquering every reality in existence. Ultimately, no prison was strong enough to hold him, as various iterations of Zordons and the Power Rangers found out.

The villain finally achieved his endgame when he was able to manipulate the Grid, use special emissaries and acquire the Heart of the Master. This gem allowed him to tamper with the Multiverse and merge all worlds into one reality where he finally achieved his main ambition, becoming the lord of the entire planet.


In this new reality, Drakkon was a Superman-esque figure ruling over everyone and everything. Zordon and Rita were his parents, with Rangers like Billy turned into a mechanic, Zack and Trini turned into reporters, and Kimberly into a waitress. However, the good version of Tommy still had a say in the matter as his spirit kept haunting Drakkon as he ruled.

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This weakened Drakkon's grip on the crystal, allowing the good Tommy to resurrect himself and return for one final battle with his evil counterpart. Tommy and Drakkon battled until the former was able to extract the relic, and with this world Drakkon created crumbling, Tommy restored the Multiverse to how it was before. Tommy offered Drakkon a chance to survive and garner redemption by coming with him, but Drakkon refused.

He opted to remain with his broken world as it collapsed, and it ultimately crumbled around him as it ended. This was similar to what happened after the first time he and Tommy fought, when Drakkon jumped off of a cliff instead of the defeat and salvation that Tommy offered him. Drakkon's stubborn mentality and overall ego paved the way to his downfall, but he still represented the greatest threat that the Rangers ever faced.

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