Loot Crate 'Origins' Box to Include Replica Action Comics #1


Have you ever wanted to own "Action Comics" #1, but don't happen to have a few spare millions lying around? This month's Loot Crate can at least get you fairly close to the real thing.

January's Loot Crate theme is "Origins," and CBR has the first word that among the offerings inside will be a replica edition of "Action Comics" #1. While reprints of the issue -- Superman's first appearance, the most valuable comic book in history and the beginning of the superhero era as we know it -- are common, this one is printed on newsprint paper stock and retains its original ads, to boost the verisimilitude.

Published in 1938, the lead story of "Action Comics" #1 was Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's first published Superman story. The issue pre-dates DC Comics itself, published under the name of its predecessor, National Allied Publications.

"Action Comics" returned to its original numbering last year, and continues to inch towards the #1000 mark -- issue #972 is scheduled for release next week. In 2014, an original copy of "Action Comics" sold for $3.2 million, the first time an individual issue of a comic book had sold at auction for more than $3 million.

Loot Crate has a history with offering comics as part of their monthly subscription boxes, which has resulted in comics, such as 2014's "Rocket Raccoon" #1, landing at the top of the Diamond direct market charts. Fans looking for the replica copy of "Action Comics" #1 -- and to simulate ownership of the world's most expensive comic book -- in this month's Loot Crate have until 9 p.m. Pacific on Jan. 19 to order the "Origins" crate.

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