Looking to Life Beyond <i>30 Rock</i>, Alec Baldwin Launches a Podcast

Recurring cracks about Alec Baldwin's incredibly distinctive and recognizable voice are some of my favorites on the hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Would you tune in weekly to hear those deep, gravelly bass tones on a more regular basis than the length of a TV season?

Baldwin has partnered with New York radio station WNYC to host a weekly podcast that will kick off on Oct. 24, according to the Huffington Post. Michael Douglas will be the series' first guest, with Chris Rock, Kathleen Turner, Dick Cavett and others to follow.

This is part of Baldwin's future plan, as the actor can feel the clock starting to tick on 30 Rock. There's no end date set yet, but he's making preparations all the same, especially with his contract expiring with the coming sixth season. He hasn't ruled coming back for a seventh season if the show continues, but he's also ready to be done with it.

"I might [come back]," he said. "I wouldn't want to prevent them from having another year, because they're all my friends and they've been good to me. Maybe I would do a piece of the year. But I really do want to move on to other things."

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