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Three days ago, Billy Hancock's leg was stuck under a wagon wheel, and he woke up this morning to find it was infected. Tom Penman used to fool around with the blacksmith's wife, got caught, and was threatened. He never intended to mess around with her again, but they saw each other on the street when one thing led to another. And there's the new accountant from Virginia. His daughter has a fever that won't go down.

Imagine you're one of these people when Death rides into town. Black hat and overcoat, sidearms, a taste for whiskey -- everyone knows that, whoever he's there for, nothing can be done to stop his business once he's arrived.

That's the premise of Death Comes to Dillinger. Sprinkle in enough melancholy mood to choke a horse, give it to two of the most talented up and coming artists this medium has ever seen, throw in a couple of stellar advance reviews, include some great praise by the master Warren Ellis, and then serve it at the local comic saloon.

Death comes to Dillinger is one mean varment of a two-issue mini series that will hit comic stands in early May. It's printed on quality paper with a card stock cover and will beat the snot out of any books on the comic shelf that look at it the wrong way. And maybe some customers if they're wearing an American Idol t-shirt. Cue Spaghetti Western music.

Intro by James Patrick. Death Comes to Dillinger is published by Silent Devil Productions. It's created and written by James Patrick, pencilled by se7enhedd, colored by JM Ringuet, lettered by Jason Hanley, and edited by Josh Fialkov. It's available for order through Diamond Comics: Death Comes to Dillinger #1 JAN063224 Death Comes to Dillinger #2 MAR063366

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