Looking Back at 1,000 Columns & 17 Years at CBR



It's not at CBR.

After a 17 year run, Pipeline #1,000 is the final column to be hosted at Comic Book Resources.

But it is not -- repeat NOT -- The End. I haven't come this far to quit just yet. Also, next year will be Pipeline's 20th anniversary. I keep resetting the bar and finding new milestones for how far I want to go. It's a sickness.

Pipeline will see print again next Tuesday, the 19th, right on schedule.

I set up PipelineComics.com recently. It will either be the new home of Pipeline, or will redirect you to where it does go. Maybe both. Sign up for the newsletter there, and I'll email you as soon as I have a definitive answer.

Thanks to everyone who's read this column over its lifetime at CBR. It's been great fun and an honor to watch the industry explode ("implode"?) from this vantage point. It's been amazing watching the website grow and evolve over the years. I'm proud to have been in on it very early, and lucky to have hitched my wagon to the right star at the right time, and contributed to it where I could.

CBR allowed me to do a great many things that I wouldn't have been able to do if I was just another Blogspot page, and for that I'll always be thankful.

Special thanks, of course, to Jonah Weiland for guiding this ship for as long as he did. I don't get to call him "Boss" anymore, but I'm lucky enough to still call him friend.

And to all the editors who've been stuck editing Pipeline over the years, you have my thanks for fixing all my spelling mistakes and calling me out on the occasional dunderheaded comment. Thanks Steve Gerding, Steve Sunu and Arune Singh, and everyone who ever filled in while they were on vacation, and the others I'm likely forgetting...

But, like I said, it ain't over yet. It's just not happening here. Please join me at PipelineComics.com and let's keep talking, OK?


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