Looking At The Art and Artists of "Atomika"

Last December CBR News told you about "Atomika," a new series coming from Sal Abbinanti and Speakeasy Comics. Years in development, the book will finally be released March 9th and we've got a preview of the first issue plus an advance look at some of the covers by all-star artists to come for the twelve issue series.

Abbinanti told CBR News in December that the series is set in the old Soviet Union at the beginning of the cold war, but it's a very different world indeed. "Atomika is a metaphor for our God of the 20th century (Technology)," said Abbinanti. "He is a God that walks among men. The Soviet Union rules the world, but all the dying Gods (all religions now deemed illegal) are losing their power. Now they want it back, thus they do battle with Atomika for the peoples worship."

Some of the characters that populate the series are based in part on Russian folklore, such as many of the dying Gods of Russia. Arohnir represents the first son of Mother Russia (The Revolution) with Atomika being her second son (Technology). There's also "The State," which Abbinanti described as "sort of a Soviet JLA put together by the government to contain all things deemed counter productive to the CCCP."

Abbinanti has assembled an impressive list of artists to handle the cover duties on the series. Among those to come are Simon Bisley, Tim Bradstreet, John Cassaday, Claudio Castellini, a third cover by Glen Fabry, Gary Gianni, David Mack, Michael Turner, Eric Powell and Bill Sienkiewicz. In addition, Abbinanti's showing some appreciation for comics roots by including back cover images by the likes of John Romita Sr., Gene Colan, Tony Dezuniga, Ernie Chan and Rudy Nebres.

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by Glenn Fabry"Atomika" #3

by Glenn Fabry"Atomika" #4

by Michael Turner"Atomika" #5

by David Mack"Atomika" #6

by Tim Bradstreet"Atomika" #1,

Page 1"Atomika" #1,

Page 2"Atomika" #1,

Page 3"Atomika" #1,

Page 4 "Atomika" #1,

Page 5"Atomika" #1,

Page 6

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