Lookin' to Fight: Silver Surfer vs. Thor

This is the debut of a new bit that we'll see how it goes. The basic concept was pitched to me by artist Vlad Momot. Here is how it works. Every installment, I provide you good folks a fight match-up between two characters (the general set-up for the fight is that it is not to the death, it is on a neutral playing field and both characters have access to the standard weapons that each character would have available to them). In the comments, you then pick who you think would win along with a scenario where that character wins. Be sure to elaborate! Vlad and another artist will then each pick one side and then draw up the scenarios that they liked the best (they could splice together multiple scenarios, as well) and I'll post their pieces in a few weeks (I figure we'll give them three weeks for the first one and if all goes well, maybe we'll aim at every two weeks).

For the first match-up, I'm going to go with one of the most highly contested matches from last year's DC/Marvel Character Tournament - Silver Surfer vs. Thor (pre-Unworthy phase)!

So you're giving us SCENARIOS here. Not just "Silver Surfer is more powerful, so he will win." Remember, your scenarios as to why Thor or Surfer would win will be the basis for the artists then drawing their pieces, so be as detailed as you can!

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