LOOK: "Wonder Woman" Movie's Costumes, Helmets & Props

Hot off the unveiling of the film's official logo, new pics have surfaced of various costumes and props from the 2017 "Wonder Woman" movie, offering a further glimpse of the Patty Jenkins-directed flick's visual aesthetic.

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Warner Bros. showed off the "Wonder Woman" pieces at the 2016 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where attendees were treated to an advance look at much of the film's Amazonian gear, in addition to Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) costume.

Costumes on display included:

  • The Wonder Woman costume worn by Gal Gadot
  • The Steve Trevor costume worn by Chris Pine
  • The Queen Hippolyta costume worn by Connie Nielsen

The props on display were the following:

  • Queen's Guard Helmet
  • Amazon Army Helmet
  • Amazon Army Quiver and Arrows
  • Amazon Army Shield
  • Queen's Guard Shield

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Take a look at some pics of each piece of "Wonder Woman" gear below:

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