LOOK: Steve McNiven Shows Off "Uncanny Inhumans" Sketches, Designs

Marvel.com has posted a new interview with "Uncanny Inhumans" artist Steve McNiven that features his redesigns for major players like Black Bolt and Human Torch as well as penciled pages from the upcoming debut issue.

The series, written by Charles Soule with McNiven on art, will follow Black Bolt and his assemblage of superheroes in the wake of the Earth's exposure to the Terrigen Mist and the awakening of a new generation of Inhumans. The series will feature mainstay Inhumans like Triton, Black Bolt and Medusa, but it will also incorporate a couple of new characters -- the Human Torch and Beast. McNiven spoke to taking on this diverse group of heroes in his design work.

"Visually I have tried to stay close to the original designs whenever possible, and some of the stranger characters, like Triton, really seem to capture the outlandish nature of the Inhumans," said McNiven of his designs. "But each look is more particular to the essence of the character rather than an overall uniform aesthetic that some groups of characters such as the Fantastic Four or occasionally the X-Men have had. So I stayed away from matching team style outfits or team emblems or such."

The interview also features a sneak peek at McNiven's interior artwork for the book's first issue, including a detailed look at the artist's take on the former X-Man Beast.

"Uncanny Inhumans" #1 hits stores on October 21.

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