LOOK: New "Dark Knight III" #3 Variant Covers Put Batman Back in Action

Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert's "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" returns this month with its third issue, which boasts five new variant covers from artists Scott McDaniel, Klaus Janson, John Romita Jr., Frank Miller and Jim Lee, in addition to Andy Kubert's regular cover.

Some covers will be rarer than others. McDaniel's cover will run every 1 in 10; 1 in 25 for Janson's; 1 in 50 for Romita Jr.'s; 1 in 100 for Frank Miller's; and 1 in 500 for Jim Lee's.

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"Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #3 will pick up where #2 left off:

Book 3 of the upcoming issue of DARK KNIGHT III introduces Quar, the renegade fanatic priest of Kandor. Unwittingly freed and restored to normal size by Ray Palmer, Quar and his acolytes stake their claim to the planet Earth and demand nothing less than absolute obedience from the human race!

All that stands in the way is a (seriously) hobbled Bruce Wayne and Carrie Kelley, and they'll need serious help, so they're heading to a certain Fortress of Solitude to get it...

"The Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #3 arrives at retailers on February 24. The Collector's Edition hardcover will go on sale March 9.

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