LOOK: Mezco Showcases New Marvel, DC & Ghostbusters Figures

While many toy companies focus on making highly detailed figures in the foot-tall range, Mezco has taken a different approach and put those same efforts into a smaller scale. Called the One:12 Collective, the roughly 6-inch figures come with detailed cloth costumes, plus plenty of articulation and accessories.

As the line continues to grow, so does its presence at events like Comic-Con International in San Diego, which saw the debut of several new Mezco figures.

The toymaker looked to a variety of sources for its upcoming batch of DC figures. Knightmare Batman "Batman v Superman" and Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad" represent the big screen while Darkseid, Joker, Arsenal, Deathstroke and Black Adam come with more traditional designs. Meanwhile, the "Red Son" version of Superman makes his menacing presence felt.

The Marvel offerings take most of their cues from the comics: Deadpool, Spider-Man and the Red Skull all come with classic costumes. Meanwhile, Mezco also revealed a pair of variants with the Fully Loaded Punisher and the Previews Exclusive Commander Rogers from the era when Bucky still wielded the shield.

As the internet will be glad to tell you, the original Ghostbuers still have plenty of fans. Details are scarce, but the four main figures based on Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis all come with the iconic jumpsuits, proton packs and other accessories. We can also see Slimer, but how he'll be sold still remains a mystery.

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