LOOK: Kevin Smith Teases BTS Pictures of Directing "The Flash"

As reported on earlier this year, "Jay and Silent Bob" director Kevin Smith will be directing an upcoming episode of "The Flash." News broke yesterday that "Thor" and "X-Men: First Class" writer Zack Stentz wrote the episode, which will air towards the end of the season.

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Shooting on Smith's episode began yesterday, which means Smith is currently on set in Vancouver. To commemorate the filming experience, Smith took to his Instagram and shared these photos. One photos shows Smith with Zoom (who was unmasked as actor Teddy Sears in the most recent episode of "The Flash.") The second photo shows Smith with Jay Garrick's classic silver helmet. Are these photos a clue that Smith's episode will be Zoom-centric? The last photo shows Smith in front of the iconic Hall of Justice mural at the Central City Police Department.

Silent Bob speaks no evil when #Zoom is on the loose! Halfway done with Day 1 on @cwtheflash and I'm in HEAVEN! Masks! Costumes! Heroes! Villains! There is no Crisis on my infinite Earth today! #thecw #theflash #KevinSmith #Vancouver #dccomics #CentralCity

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Thinking of changing out the backwards baseball cap for this stylish piece of head gear. Forget @jayandsilentbob - this is #SilentBob AS Jay (Garrick). Having a blast on @cwtheflash! #KevinSmith #theflash #thecw #earth2 #dccomics

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Greetings from Central City PD and the set of @cwtheflash! The giant bas-relief wall was created by #TylerHarron and features familiar "gods" - like #Superman as Zeus (Jupiter), #Batman as Hades (Pluto), #WonderWoman as Hera (Juno), the Flash as Hermes (Mercury), #GreenArrow as Apollo, #Aquaman as Poseidon (Neptune), and the #GreenLantern as Hephaestus (Vulcan). As cool as it is to see on the show, it's overwhelmingly awesome to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship (and craftwomanship) in person. #theflash #theflashseason2 #theflashcw #dccomics #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #jla

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"The Flash" airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m.

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