LOOK: Is Supergirl Heading to Metropolis in Season 2?

Two emergency vehicles from Metropolis were spotted on the set of "Supergirl" today, as well as multiple signs for LuthorCorp. The presence of these vehicles and signs suggest that Supergirl will likely visit her cousin Superman in Metropolis at some point in season two.

The images, which come from Vancouver set reporter YVRShoots, show two vehicles from Metropolis: a police car and an ambulance.

@yvrshoots Did someone call for an ambulance? #Supergirl pic.twitter.com/UI4Hf9Bx1l

- Kerry Wilkinson (@kerrywk) August 3, 2016

@yvrshoots Metropolis police out in force. #Supergirl pic.twitter.com/p8OOdcOBli

- Kerry Wilkinson (@kerrywk) August 3, 2016

Another set of images shows banners for LuthorCorp, Superman's iconic arch enemy from the comic books. Lex Luthor has not been announced for "Supergirl,", so these banners may just be Easter eggs.

Signs of Luthor Corp loom over the city as the #SupergirlCW set shutters. Where are you now, #Supergirl? @yvrshoots pic.twitter.com/KuycAa3JIU

- Anne Lipton (@AnneLipton) August 3, 2016

With the presence of Tyler Hoechlin on set yesterday in his full Superman costume and various set photos of him with Melissa Benoist and Mehcad Brooks, it's extremely likely Metropolis will be featured in "Supergirl's" second season, which premieres on The CW Monday, October 10.

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