LOOK: Impressive Cosplay from Millarworld Competition; First-Place Winner Announced

This week's "Jupiter's Legacy" Vol. 2 #1 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely included a bonus in the issue's back matter -- a look at some seriously impressive cosplay inspired by characters co-created by Millar. Multiple entrants in the Millarworld Cosplay Competition are featured in the issue, including the winner: Bambii Riiot, for her stellar homage of the intergalactic heroine Emporia from Millar and Stuart Immonen's "Empress." Riiot will receive the $500 grand prize for winning the competition.

Additionally, runners up Andrew Jackson (as "Huck's" titular character) and Aiki Saul (as Lady Liberty from "Jupiter's Legacy") got a spotlight in the issue, alongside several other cosplayers who showed off impressive costumes based on "Kick-Ass," "The Secret Service," "Chrononauts," and more.

Check out all the Millarworld cosplay on display in "Jupiter's Legacy 2" #1 below:

The Millarworld Cosplay Competition launched in February, with Millar saying at the time, "I love cosplay. Number one, it's fun, which should be the fundamental thing the business is about. Number two, I love the fact it's brought so many people into comics who would otherwise not have been into the convention scene in particular. I know people have cosplayed for two years before they picked up their first book and now they're hooked. That can only be a good thing. But I also love the craft of it, the effort cosplayers go to and how these pictures have become an art form in themselves."

"Jupiter's Legacy" Vol. 2 #1 is on sale now.

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