LOOK: Fantasticar, HERBIE Revealed in "Fantastic Four" Concept Art

While a behind the scenes featurette offered a glimpse of the Fantasticar, new concept art for director Josh Trank's ill-fated "Fantastic Four" provides a better view of what might have been.

Appearing on the Facebook page of concept artist Fausto De Martini, the art not only shows several ideas for the infamous flying vehicle, it also reveals that there was some truth to the rumors that an early script for the 20th Century Fox reboot featured at least an appearance of H.E.R.BI.E., the FF's one-time robotic companion.

"Just sharing some early development work I did on Fantastic Four," De Martini writes. "It was very early stuff but it was tons of fun to work on. I don't think any of it made in the final cut."

Link via reddit

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