LOOK: DC and MegaCon Bring Back Harley Quinn's First Comic With a Modern Variant Twist

Over the past several years, "Batman Adventures" #12 has become one of the most sought after (and price gouged) back issues in comics. That's because the 1993 tie-in to "Batman: The Animated Series" presents the very first comic book appearance of current chart-topping character Harley Quinn.

And while tracking down a first printing of the issue may cost a pretty penny (though it is available in trade paperback form), fans heading to Orlando's MegaCon can pick up a copy of the comic under a very modern take on Mike Parobeck's original cover by artist Jonboy Meyers.

The variant debuted on blog Comics Cheating Up, which notes that the cover will be available ahead of MegaCon's May 26 to 29 dates through the show's store alongside some other variants associated with the FanExpo family of cons.

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