Look at the buns on this: <i>Burgermancer</i>

Every week the Robot 6 crew gathers together to see what looks good in each week's comics in a playfully titled feature called "Food or Comics?" But now that eternal debate can be laid to rest thanks to the food-themed comic 'zine Burgermancer.

"Burgermancer #1 is the most spectacularly weird thing I’ve read this year," said Diesel Sweeties' R. Stevens, who introduced this book to me.

Described by creator/publisher Jason Fischer as "the burger lover's zine," this 12-page self-published 'zine has comics, recipes, reviews and articles all about hamburgers. It even has an interview with burger connoisseur and curator at the Hamburger Museum, Hamburger Harry.

Here's a sample page from the book to wet your taste buds:

Burgermancer #1 is available direct from Fischer for $4 plus shipping and handling via his website.

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