LOOK: Artist Gives 19" Wonder Woman Figure A Jaw-Dropping Repaint

If you saw the icon for this article and thought, "that's a nice headshot of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman," we wouldn't blame you. You'd be wrong, but we understand the confusion. The icon is, actually, a photo of a jaw-dropping custom repaint of a Jakks Pacific Wonder Woman "Batman v Superman" figure.

Along with figures for Batman and Superman, Jakks released a "Big Fig" for Wonder Woman. It's not bad for a mass produced, oversized figure, but it doesn't really capture Gadot or her "Batman v Superman" costume that well. That's where artist Noel Cruz stepped in.

A recognized and admired artist in the doll community, Cruz specializes in repainting celebrity dolls to make them resemble their subjects more closely. He's done Christopher Reeve as Superman and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games." His work on various dolls produced by Robert Tonner and the Franklin Mint have fetched thousands of dollars at auction. Now, Gal Gadot has received the same treatment.

Not only did Cruz repaint the face, he also removed the plastic hair and replaced it with a styled wig, repainted the armor to make it look metallic, and also added a golden lasso and belt. The results are, again, stunning, giving the mass-produced toy a level of detail that rivals offerings from Hot Toys.

If you've got a some extra cash lying around, you can also bid on the completed Wonder Woman figure on eBay. Better get your credit card ready, though -- as of this writing, the bidding is fast approaching $1600.

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