Artist Creates Scary Cute Hybrid Pokémon

While we've been introduced to the basic evolutionary concept of Pokemon that was established way back with the first games, one thing that's yet to be explored in the franchises's universe is the possibility of genetically splicing these (typically) adorable monsters to produce new hybrid Pokémon.

People seem enthusiastic about the idea; in fact, there's even a fan website that generates fusions of Pokémon. And taking inspiration from the fan site, an artist named Alesia Gitter (or, to her Tumblr fans, "nintendobratkat") has released a series of fan art that depicts Pokémon if they've undergone genetic splicing.

The results are, naturally, very cute. It's scary cute. Take a look at the full gallery below, which exhibits many hybrid Pokémon from clever combinations, like Skitty and Absol, to downright absurd mashups, like Starmie and Farfetch'd, below:

Did you enjoy Alesia's stuff? Check her out on Deviantart and Tumblr.

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