LOOK: Archie Reveals Art From Long-Awaited "Life With Kevin" Series

Archie Comics has announced that "Life with Kevin," a four-issue digital-first mini-series, is ready for release. Originally announced last May alongside the current "Archie" and "Jughead" series, "Life with Kevin" will arrive via the Archie App and digital comics platforms this June. The series comes from Kevin Keller creator Dan Parent, who will serve as writer and artist on "Life with Kevin"; J. Bone will be on board as the series' inker.

"Life with Kevin" will follow Kevin Keller in his post-college life as he moves from Riverdale to New York City. The supporting cast will include Kevin's BFF Veronica as well as other new additions to the Archie universe. Parent also revealed to Advocate that the book will include a "couple new potential boyfriends for Kevin " and previously established "Archie" character Shrill.

"It feels great to have Kevin back in a solo series." said Parent in a press release. "J. Bone gets who Kevin is and his art and inking have that whimsical style that is so much fun."

Since the series will follow an adult version of Kevin, Parent noted that the book will tackle both career and romantic problems -- while still being funny. "We can deal with more serious subject matter, but the book is a comedy book first, and I want humor to be the most important element," said Parent in the release. The writer/artist told Advocate that the series will "explore all the career and romantic challenges that he has an adult."

Scheduled as a four-issue series to start, the digital-first "Life with Kevin" arrives this June.

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