Long Live The King! Evanier To Write Kirby Biography

Earlier today on his blog, noted comic book historian and author Mark Evanier announced that he'll be publishing a biography of comics legend Jack Kirby's life. As a friend and former employee of Kirby, Evanier has a unique perspective on the legendary artist's work and life, which Evanier will chronicle over two volumes.

"The first will be a very nicely printed art book with a simpler but quite complete version of the Kirby biography," Evanier revealed on his blog. "The volume will also be loaded with rare Kirby art, all of it in reproduced in full color, much of it shot from the original artwork. That needs a bit of explanation. Many of the pieces will consist of black-and-white artwork in pencil or ink but we'll be printing them in color so that you can see all the pencil marks, corrections, smudges and in some cases, notes in the margins. There will also be plenty of pages that print Jack's art in pencil form and, of course, color pieces and some things you've seen before but not in the way we're going to present them.

"This book will be called Kirby: King of Comics and it will be released in October of this year by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., which is one of the world's most prestigious publishers of high quality art and illustrated books. It'll be a hardcover volume, 9" by 12-1/2", all in color and with a gatefold and all sorts of nifty features that we hope will make it worthy of its subject."

Evanier said the second volume will be "Galactus sized," a reference to the gargantuan villain created by Kirby in "Fantastic Four," and said there is no firm release date for the second volume.

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