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Long Beach Comic Con 2011 Photo Parade

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Long Beach Comic Con 2011 Photo Parade

Long Beach Comic Con has come and gone, but the memories remain forever. As is our tradition, Comic Book Resources presents our latest comic con photo parade, featuring the sights experienced and immortalized by our photographers — and thousands of fans, of course. From the biggest comic creators and Hollywood celebrities to the most dedicated cosplayers, CBR presents the 2011 LBCC Photo Parade — commentary and friendly ribbing courtesy of our head honcho, Jonah “The ‘Jonah’ Stands For ‘Awesome'” Weiland! [JONAH’S NOTE: Please know that I did not come up with that nickname, but I do approve the message.]

The following photos are by CBR reporter Keri Luna

An animated Thomas Jane addresses the crowd at his Saturday panel. Seriously Pimp Fett, part of the 1%.
She-Punisher aka Francine Castle? Dragonball Zzzzzzz … OK, sorry, easy joke. Won’t do it again.
Wonder twins! Excellent! Ghostbusters – look, I’ve been railing on about how Ghostbuster costumes are a dime-a-dozen like Storm Troopers, but at least this one has a girl Ghostbuster, which you don’t see that often.
Tardis and the good doctor.

The following photos are by Caitlin Holland

Brian Buccelatto Dustin Nguyen
John Carpenter J. Scott Campbell
Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Peter Nguyen
Philip Tan Richard Friend (L) and Dave Finch
Richard Starkings Steve Niles
Seth Green Thomas Jane does not like to sit during his panels.
Tim Bradstreet (off left) helps Tom with … we don’t know. Helpful sign
Iron Can! SO Brilliant! You win! I’m not sure what you won or what you’re winning, but you win! Iron Can detail
Marvel young heroes and a Star Trek dude looking like a tourist. Deadpool/Pokemon mash-up
PHOTOBOMBED! Star Trek meets Wonder Woman
DOOM! Cobra soldier
Happy undead couple Super cute Robin
Super cute Zombie nurses – never thought I’d say that. Walking Spidey collage – not really a costume, more just annoying.
Captain Marvel Clashing genres
Ash Heath Ledger Joker cross-cross-dress cosplay. That’s confusing, but it’s accurate.
Unmasked Cap! Sometimes it’s best not to ask what they’re cosplaying as.
That guy is still freaking me out, but at least he brought cute friends. The Creeper – NICE! This may be the first Creeper I’ve seen at a con. +1!
Vader Wants You! A lovely Harley Quinn
Zatanna The family that cosplays together, sticks together. The lolli really completes the Cap costume.
Edwina Scissorhands, which are more like Wolverine’s claws, but whatever. Felix! Where’s your bag-o-tricks, yo?
Deadmau5 greets a fan who can only look at his chest — HE HAS EYES! UP HERE! The Monarch’s Lackey
Iron Woman – humina humina wow. “Arkham City’s” Harley Quinn – humina humina wow. Halloween brings out some great costumes.
“Arkham City’s” Poison Ivy – humina … you get the idea. Don’t know. Don’t care. Moving on.
Yoda and friend Hello, sailor! NOTE: This photo isn’t safe for work, for home, for school, for gym class, for small dogs, for the elderly, the infirm or for anything, but it is funny.

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